Savin 9021D Toner Empty troubleshooting Procedure

Savin 9021D Toner Empty troubleshooting Procedure
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Savin 9021D Toner Empty troubleshooting Procedure

In this article we will discuss the Savin 9021D Toner Empty troubleshooting issue, how the toner supply unit works, what goes wrong and how to go about fixing it.

Explanation of how the Savin 9021D Toner Supply Unit Works

Whenever a toner tube is put inside the bottle holder unit (A) and the equipment is pushed in correctly, toner shutter (B) goes up against the side (C) of the PCU. As soon as the toner bottle holder handle (D) is put back in the previous position, the cap (E) on the toner bottle is taken away and kept in location by the chuck (F).

The toner supply mechanism conveys toner out from the bottle to the development unit. The toner bottle posesses a spiral pattern (G) which helps carry toner to the development unit.

As soon as the toner bottle holder is released, the chuck releases the toner bottle top to its appropriate placement to stop toner from dispersing.

When the bottle holder unit is pulled out to install a fresh toner bottle, the toner shutter shuts to close the opening as a result of pressure from a spring.

Savin 9021D Toner Empty troubleshooting Procedure

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    Possible cause of the Savin 9021D add toner message

    1. Empty toner cartridge
    2. Defective toner – (Toner that has gotten moisture in it can clump and not work through the supply unit.)
    3. Defective toner supply unit
    4. Defective toner clutch
    5. Defective developer unit or sensor.
    Those are probably the 5 most popular causes but, off course, with any problem, there is always more things that can come up.

    Probably the quickest and most inexpensive remedy past the toner cartridge could be the toner supply unit. Once you reverse the toner lock lever the supply unit takes out the cap on the toner. As the toner spins, the toner falls downward inside the supply unit into the developer unit.

    Two things might appear here. To start off, the toner supply unit might neglect to put the cap back onto the toner cartridge. This might lead to a mess the moment you dispose of the old toner. Therefore, in the event you put the fresh toner in, the last lid is still there and does not take out the cap from the new toner. The second situation is when the clamp, (F) in the picture, doesn’t open completely around the pull off tab within the center of the toner cover. Therefore, you feel the toner is locked in and the cover is off except the cover always stays on.

    Savin 9021D Toner Empty troubleshooting Procedure for the toner supply unit

    To troubleshoot you’ve got to take out the toner supply unit and the cover within the toner. This might be dirty so it’s a good idea to have an area capable to lay everything down and consequently can be easily wiped clean. Normally, the first thing to do is glance inside the front of the toner supply unit. Confirm that the lid still is not caught in it. The next step is to take out the cover from the toner. Next, see if the clamp will grab the lid and take it into position. If it doesn’t, sometimes you can prod in a little on the lock lever and it will spread the clamp enough to slip over the lid. If that may occur, then you could take it all apart and clean everything out to see if will begin opening all the way up or you can typically, just switch the supply unit.

    Tips for cleaning the machine when troubleshooting the add toner message

    This Savin 9021D B2623020 Toner Supply Replacement Advice of the toner supply unit is actually pretty easy but can be extremely messy.

    Savin 9021D B2593031 Toner Supply Replacement Procedure

    1. Open the front door.
    2. Press in on latch [A] and pull the bottle holder out.
    Savin 9021D Toner Empty troubleshooting Procedure

    3. Slide the new one in and you are good to go.

    The replacement of the toner supply is usually needed when your toner no longer locks in place. When this happens your machine keeps asking for toner all the time even though you put new toner in.

    Now if you are looking at this article and debating on if it’s just time to replace the machine then down below I’ve provided a few links to replacement machines. I prefer Brother machines as I think they are the best value for the money. However, I know everybody has their own preference so I might provide a few other brands that I’ve serviced and have been impressed with.

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