Savin 917SPF AE01-1086 Replacement Diagrams Upper Hot Roller

Savin 917SPF AE01-1086 Replacement Diagrams Upper Hot Roller

Below you will find the illustrated Savin 917SPF AE01-1086 Replacement Diagrams for the Upper Hot Roller. Also, you will find links to order in a replacement hot roller if you decide it’s time to get one on order. Now, if you want to perform the whole PM on the fuser then find the article under this machine to get the information about that repair.

Compatible Part Numbers : AE01-1086, AE01-1061, C2114-7780, AE011086, AE011061

Reasons to replace the Savin 917SPF AE01-1086

1. Ghosting – Ghosting takes place when the image or text on the top or side of the sheet is discovered further down or across the page diminished. This issue usually appears once toner has built up on the external shell of the hot roller and results in the hot roller to function like a printing press, replicating the image down the page. This seems to materialize in the middle of the hot roller and is usually easy to identify because of the build up on the outside is easy to view.

2. Wrinkling or Creased Paper – This might be a number of things but one of them is the hot roller. Toner debris can result in wrinkling paper as the paper sticks to the hot roller and does not feed throughout uniformly. In addition, heavy marks in the hot roller covering can result in creases and indents in the paper. This predicament has a tendency to take place when the pick fingers bite into the surface area and in time the damage piles up and gets progressively worse.

3. Jamming in the fuser – Another predicament that can be caused by a number of factors but typically this is the end outcome of the previous symtoms not being sorted out when they start to arise and this is the end result when the part really breaks down.

The best way to check the hot roller out is simply to open up the jam removal cover on top of the fuser. You have two rollers throughout the unit. One is rubber and mushy, the pressure roller, and the other is hard and made out of metal, the hot roller. Open it up and look for scratches on the surface, build up of toner, or discolorization.

Savin 917SPF AE01-1086 Replacement Diagrams Upper Hot Roller

CAUTION : Before handling the fusing unit, make sure that the unit is cool enough. The fusing unit can be very hot.
1. Copy tray

2. Open the right door.
3. Connector cover (A) (! x 1)
NOTE: When reinstalling, attach the ground wire.
4. Fusing unit (B) (! x 2, ” x 4)

1. Fusing unit
2. Exit sensor (A) (” × 1)

CAUTION: Do not damage the hot roller stripper pawls and the tension springs.
1. Fusing unit
2. Separate the fusing unit into two sections: the hot roller section (A) and the pressure roller section (B)
NOTE: After removing the screws, lower the pressure roller section about halfway and then slide it toward the front side to detach it.
3. Support rollers (C)
4. Hot roller stripper pawls (D)
NOTE: Remove the spacer (E) if you are removing the hot roller assembly

CAUTION: Do not touch the fusing lamp and rollers with your bare hands.
1. Hot roller stripper pawls and spacers
2. Hot roller assembly (A) (! x 2)
3. Fusing lamp (B)
NOTE: When reassembling, check that the direction of the fusing lamp is correct (C)(D).
4. Hot roller (C) (2 C-rings, 1 spacer, 1 gear, 2 bushings, 1 cover (D))
Reassembling Use caution:
• The fusing lamp is positioned correctly.
• The fusing lamp does not touch the internal part of the hot roller.
Also, make sure you put the fuser bushings on the right direction. I just worked on a machine that somebody else had rebuilt the fuser and it was making a horrible screeching noise because the previous tech had put the bushings on backwards.

We can stop here because we aren’t replacing the other parts. Now if you do decide you need to replace the other parts then check out the fuser PM kit article for this machine.

Savin 917SPF AE01-1086 Replacement Diagrams Upper Hot Roller

OK, the Savin 917SPF AE01-1086 Replacement Diagrams job is not the easiest thing to do in the world but there are worst repairs I have done. The main thing is to take your time and follow the instructions.

AE011086 Upper Fuser Roller FG001 use for MP161

AE011086 Upper Fuser Roller FG001 use for MP161.

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