Savin 917 PMB12990K Replacement Instructions Fuser PM Kit

Savin 917 PMB12990K Replacement Instructions Fuser PM Kit

Savin 917 PMB12990K Replacement Instructions Fuser PM Kit – Okay, these units are really outdated. I believe I recognized them an episode of Ancient Aliens a couple weeks ago. The great news is that they are fantastic products and if your boss is Mr. Scrooge then you might need to keep it operating a little longer. Beneath you will find the illustrated instructions as well as links to order your PM kit if required.

With a rating of 90K this PM kit replaces the regular wear parts in the fuser and transfer roller area. Most the issues I see with these fusers are ghosting issues and jamming as toner gets built up across the hot roller or pressure roller. Pick fingers are another issue I see with them. Either missing or cracked pick fingers can definitely cause jamming problems. In addition, build up of toner after awhile may scratch the surface of the hot roller and wear away the surface of the roller.

Savin 917 PMB12990K Replacement Instructions Fuser PM Kit

Note: I’ve listed several other models than this maintenance kit was meant for. The Hot Roller, Pressure Roller, Transfer Roller, and Discharge Plate ought to be common for these products. However, the strip or pick fingers, whatever you desire to call them, are not compatible on all models. They should work on the modern models but they may not work with older models. Therefore if you’re missing some pick fingers or if they seem extremely bad on the machine your fixing you might like to double check the part numbers on them.

1. Savin 917 FUSING UNIT
CAUTION : Before handling the fusing unit, make sure that the unit is cool enough. The fusing unit can be very hot.
1. Copy tray

2. Open the right door.
3. Connector cover (A) (! x 1)
NOTE: When reinstalling, attach the ground wire.
4. Fusing unit (B) (! x 2, ” x 4)

2. Savin 917 EXIT SENSOR
1. Fusing unit
2. Exit sensor (A) (” × 1)

CAUTION: Do not damage the hot roller stripper pawls and the tension springs.
1. Fusing unit
2. Separate the fusing unit into two sections: the hot roller section (A) and the pressure roller section (B)
NOTE: After removing the screws, lower the pressure roller section about halfway and then slide it toward the front side to detach it.
3. Support rollers (C)
4. Hot roller stripper pawls (D)
NOTE: Remove the spacer (E) if you are removing the hot roller assembly

CAUTION: Do not touch the fusing lamp and rollers with your bare hands.
1. Hot roller stripper pawls and spacers
2. Hot roller assembly (A) (! x 2)
3. Fusing lamp (B)
NOTE: When reassembling, check that the direction of the fusing lamp is correct (C)(D).
4. Hot roller (C) (2 C-rings, 1 spacer, 1 gear, 2 bushings, 1 cover (D))
Reassembling Use caution:
• The fusing lamp is positioned correctly.
• The fusing lamp does not touch the internal part of the hot roller.
Also, make sure you put the fuser bushings on the right direction. I just worked on a machine that somebody else had rebuilt the fuser and it was making a horrible screeching noise because the previous tech had put the bushings on backwards.

1. Hot roller assembly
2. Thermo-switches (A)(B) (! x 2 for each)
3. Thermistor (C) (! x 1)
Reassembling : Make sure the following:
• The thermistor is in contact with the hot roller.
• The hot roller turns smoothly.

8-9. Savin 917 PRESSURE ROLLER
1. Separate the fusing unit into two sections
2. Fusing entrance guide (A)
3. 2 springs (B)(C)
4. 2 pressure arms (D)(E)
5. Bushing (F)
6. Pressure roller (G)

OK, the Savin 917 PMB12990K Replacement Instructions job is not the easiest thing to do in the world but there are worst repairs I have done. The main thing is to take your time and follow the instructions.

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